I owe an unknowable debt to Wikipedia and its contributors, and to the various fan-sites dedicated to the artists in these pages.

No less a debt is owed to SecondHand Songs, (the cover songs database), and to the people who keep this extraordinary site updated. Long may your garden grow!

I am grateful to the photographers and publishers who own the rights to these artists’ images and who have been generous, either in permitting unrestricted use thereof, or in licensing the images under Creative Commons Attribution or the GNU Free Documentation Licence. I have stated the source of a photo and credited its owner, where it has been clear  who this owner is. The principal source for images in these pages has been Wikimedia Commons.

Where the image is the cover of an audio recording, the copyright is likely to be owned by the publisher or artist, whose work the image is. Use of low-resolution images of such covers is deemed to constitute fair use under United States copyright law as enshrined in the Copyright Acts of 1976 of the U.S and U.K.

Owners of images appearing here are encouraged to contact us should they have  legitimate concerns. To such owners I would say: my intention has only ever been to promote the recordings of the songwriters I admire.

I am grateful to John Kean (aka Digby) for his disclaimer, which I stole with pride!

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